Colloque international, “Littoral 2016”, Biarritz, 25-29 octobre 2016

150 150 Maltae

Participation de Maltae au Colloque international ‘LITTORAL 2016” qui se tiendra à Biarritz du 25 au 29 octobre 2016


1- Oral Session / Thursday, 27th of October 8:50-9:10

THEMATIC :  Territorial Approach and Coastline

AUTHORS AND TITLE ​: J.-L. Pacitto, O. Jacquemin. Amphibium, a bio-inspired modelling territorial approach

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2 – Poster Session/  Tuesday 25th 17:45-18:45 and Wednesday 26th 17:30- 18:45

​THEMATIC : ​Sustainable development and technical approaches in the coastal zone and adaptation to climate change

​AUTHORS and ​TITLE​ : O​. Jacquemin, J.-L. Pacitto, J. Belvisi. Take the sea on time long to observe sustainable earth: the Oppamers, the construction of an observatory of the coastal landscape seen from the sea, released for the PACA region.

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